Unfair™ was a Temporary Museum showcasing up-and-coming and established contemporary artists.

3 July — 23 August 2020
Westergas, Amsterdam




In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic,Unfair20 was cancelled in its original form as an art fair and transformed to Unfair™; a Temporary Museum showcasing up-and-coming and established contemporary artists at Westergas, Amsterdam. Unfair™ was the one-off product, a new temporary museum, with more opportunities for in depth experiences with cutting edge art in almost private viewing slots. We showcased a young leading generation of contemporary artists in a unique overview of solo-presentations hosted in a cutting edge exhibition design by Unknown Architects, winners of the Unfair Architect Award.

Unfair™ was a leap of faith that turned into a breath of fresh air. Born out of our desire to keep moving and support art in times of cultural stand-still, we could not have been happier with the results.

After a wonderful 7-weeks-and-two-days, we concluded our summer of art at the Westergas. It is with immense pride that we look back on this one-off museum format, an exemplary edition shining bright in the post-lockdown art era. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone that came to visit, to our much-respected partners and sponsors, and most of all to our artists and architects who are the backbone of our museum and who showed tremendous talent, enthusiasm, resilience, and willpower. They made Unfair™ come to life in a way we could never have imagined in these troubling times.

We used to be an art fair, but that was boring.

From the 16th of July until the 14th of August, Unfair™ presented Unfair Summer School: a free-of-charge, unique workshop for children lead by a professional artist. Children and youths between the ages of 6 and 18 will learn to view (social) themes through art and be given the opportunity to express their own creativity and showcase their work during Unfair™.

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The exhibition design

The Unfair Architect Award is a biennial visionary architectural prize and tender for the exhibition design of Unfair™, our fifth and largest exhibition of contemporary artists yet.

In search for a design in which the adventurous, exciting thrill of visiting large- scale exhibitions is combined with the more intimate experience of the individual art presentations, the Unfair Architect Award challenges the boundaries of architecture as subservient and focuses on designs with autonomous quality. By reflecting new ways of experiencing art, the design becomes a piece of art itself and therefore could be considered the most substantial artwork on show at the Unfair™.

With the no nonsense promise of direct commission and talent development, the Unfair Architect Award sets out to find the most inspiring design, bringing Unfair™ to another level.

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In honor of our fifth anniversary, Unfair introduces Editions. This program offers you the opportunity to purchase work from a wide selection of Unfair alumni, available in editions.

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Permanent Collection

Permanent Collection is a selection of up close and permanent encounters with the best artists of a generation in their studio. Find out what floats their boat and start your Unfair™ experience here!

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Unfair collaborated with Kriterion to develop a special film program bringing some of our artists inspirations to you on the big screen. In this series, three Unfair™ artists presented a film that is somehow connected to their creative process and the themes they address in their work.

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The Loyens & Loeff Emerging Artist Award

We are proud to present the second edition our collaboration with leading and internationally operating law firm Loyens & Loeff. We share a focus on talent development and innovation, and celebrate that connection with a unique support program.

The Loyens & Loeff Emerging Artist Award is given to the most promising and talented participating artist at Unfair™. The prize funds research and supports the creation of new work for the winning artist. In addition, Loyens & Loeff has kindheartedly donated a development incentive to all participants of Unfair™.

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Clothes for Progress takes up residence at Unfair™! This continuous fundraising platform has teamed up with their community of artists who created one-off wearable pieces of art, ready for you to purchase. With every item bought at Clothes for Progress, you will directly support the ongoing fight against racism.

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Interview Roulette

In our Unfair Game of Interview Roulette, two artists have been randomly paired together to answer each other’s questions about the specs and rambles of their artistic life & practice. A classic game of roulette as none of the artist know to whom they address their questions beforehand. Get exclusive insights into their minds through this unique selection of short interviews, specially designed for our Unfair family.

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