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Loyens & Loeff support a generation of artists

We are proud to present the second edition of our collaboration with leading and internationally operating law firm Loy­ens & Loeff. We share a focus on tal­ent development and innovation, and celebrate that connection with a unique support program. Loy­ens & Loeff has kindheartedly donated a development incentive to all partici­pants of Unfair™.

Furthermore, an expert jury awards the Loyens & Loeff Emerging Artist Award to one of the promising and talented participating artists at Un­fair™. The prize funds research and supports the creation of new work for the winning artist. For this second edition, The Loyens & Loeff Emerging Artist Award has been granted to none other than Vibeke Mascini!


The jury of the Loyens & Loeff Emerging Artist Award 2020 stated;

“The jury particularly appreciated the practice of two artists: Jop Vissers Vorstenbosch, who shows a broad and profound understanding of painting in his practice and who knows how to translate this into impressive installations in a monumental way. Vibeke Mascini departs from long-term and thorough research along the lines of the maritime and fauna sciences and translates this into subtle, smart works of art that offer unconventional access to that science. In this, the jury sees a relationship with their own practice and appreciates the different worlds that come together, and the poetic translation that Mascini chooses. This dedication and unconventional approach are decisive and it is with great pleasure that the jury awards the Loyens & Loeff Emerging Artist Award 2020 to Vibeke Mascini.”

The nominees:

Kévin Bray
Gilles de Brock
Koos Buster
Afra Eisma
Rabi Koria
Kateřina Konarovská
Vibeke Mascini
Pieter van der Schaaf
Jop Vissers Vorstenbosch