Maarten Broekhuizen

Maarten Broekhuizen works with photography, and is fuelled by a fascination with this medium in its complicated relation and continuous struggle with “reality”. With the increased manipulation of images, it becomes harder to distinguish what can be seen as real. To him, it‘s constructed representations that form our reality. This mode of ‘active construction’ is what forms the base of his practice. Using different photographic techniques, he investigates the medium itself and builds on fragments of the image making process, repurposing the technique until it becomes the subject. ‘By focusing on the construction of the image I reflect on photography using its own language while questioning the boundaries of a photograph.’

Maarten Broekhuizen, Post Topographics - Beeld 2, 2017

Maarten Broekhuizen, Post Topographics – Beeld 2, 2017

Background Maarten Broekhuizen (1989) is a Dutch artist who lives and works in The Hague, The Netherlands. In 2017 he graduated from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. He is an upcoming artist whose work has been shown at Studio Spaanders, Amsterdam, amongst others. Broekhuizen was included in the Best of Graduates exhibition by Galerie Ron Mandos, Amsterdam in 2017.

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Maarten Broekhuizen
Sheet 036 + Sheet 037

Maarten Broekhuizen, Sheet 036 + Sheet 037
Maarten Broekhuizen
Sheet 052

Maarten Broekhuizen, Sheet 052