Nazif Lopulissa

‘Do you remember the feeling of freedom from childhood?
Only as an adult you might understand how wonderful it was to be a child.
Can you truly know freedom when you also face restrictions?’
This paradox determines Nazif Lopulissa’s work that focuses on the shapes of public playgrounds. To Lopulissa, a playground is a perfect example of the distinction between how the structures around us are designed, used, and understood. The contrast between freedom and restriction, imagination and application is what drives his artistic practice.
An ongoing quest on how to find a balance between artistic freedom and the, often invisible, restrictions of our daily life.

Nazif Lopulissa, Round & Round, 2018

Nazif Lopulissa, Round & Round, 2018

Background Nazif Lopulissa (1991) is an artist who lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Illustration from Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam and was artist-in-residence at Neurotitan, Berlin in 2018. In that same year he won the Henri Winkelman award. Works and installations by Lopulissa have been shown at a variety of galleries and museum including Museum Boijmans van Beuningen and Kunsthal, both in Rotterdam, Tate Modern, London and NEST, The Hague.

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Nazif Lopulissa
Windflower (2019)

Nazif Lopulissa, Windflower, 2019
Nazif Lopulissa
20 Years of TENT (2019)

Nazif Lopulissa, 20 Years of TENT, 2019
Nazif Lopulissa
Wiggle Wiggle (2019)

Nazif Lopulissa, Wiggle Wiggle, 2019
Nazif Lopulissa
Playgrounds (2018)

Nazif Lopulissa, Playgrounds, 2018
Nazif Lopulissa
Round & Round (2018)

Nazif Lopulissa, Round & Round, 2018