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From the 16th of July until the 15th of August, Unfair™ presents Unfair Summer School: a free-of-charge, unique workshop for children lead by a professional artist. Children between the ages of 6 and 12 are given the opportunity to express their own creativity and put to use their imaginative capabilities.

The Unfair Summer School will offer inspirational workshops by some of our talented artists. Through these workshops, Dutch-speaking children and youngsters* will learn more about our artists’ stories, what their motifs are and where they get their inspiration from in a guided tour at Unfair™ and will be encouraged to use their own creativity in the workshop. There will be specific workshops with various materials such as painting, drawing and ceramics.

Our goal is to let children create something they can be proud of. A selection of the finished works will be showcased extensively during Unfair™ and on our social media. The workshop is also a great moment for parents to take some time off for a walk around the Westerpark or to visit our museum!

Participating in this program is completely free. Limited spots are available on set dates. Interested? Please subscribe and check availability via dieke@unfairamsterdam.nl.

Available dates, from 10.00 to 12.00:

16-07  Nazif Lopulissa (drawing)
17-07  Afra Eisma (sculptures)
23-07  Koos Buster (ceramics)
24-07  Nazif Lopulissa (drawing)
30-07 Gilleam Trapenberg (mixed-media)
31-07  Nazif Lopulissa (drawing)
01-08  Koos Buster (ceramics)
06-08  Afra Eisma (sculptures) full
07-08  Koos Buster (ceramics) full
08-08  Roos van Haaften (shadow play)
13-08  Afra Eisma (sculptures)
14-08  Roos van Haaften (shadow play)
15-08  Gilleam Trapenberg (mixed-media)

* workshops for youngsters between the ages of 12 and 18 can be arranged on request.

Meet the makers!


Afra Eisma

Afra Eisma (1993) constructs autobiographical worlds that burst with energy. Using craft techniques in novel ways, Eisma expresses personal stories that result in immersive and intimate installations consisting of tapestries, sculptures, and ceramics. They invite the viewer’s imagination to infuse the passion that the works encapsulate with whimsy and lightheartedness.


Alien Pets workshop
On the 17th of July and on the 6th and 13th of August, Den Haag based artist Afra Eisma will take her group along on a creative journey to create intergalactic alien pets. Beep boop!


Gilleam Trapenberg

Raised in Curaçao, Gilleam Trapenberg’s fascination with themes like status, representation, and image culture have long played an integral part in his work. He explains that Curaçao is an island of paradoxes, where the image culture of a utopian paradise exists alongside themes of post-colonialism and mass tourism. In his photography he investigates current visual tropes and stereotypes that have manifested themselves through social culture and Western media.

Workshop Suns through mixed-media
On the 30th of July, Gilleam Trapenberg will focus on one of the recurring themes in his photography: the sun. So put on your sunglasses and join us!


Nazif Lopulissa

“Only as an adult you might understand how wonderful it was to be a child.” This paradox determines Nazif Lopulissa’s (1991) work that focuses on the shapes of public playgrounds. To Nazif, a playground is a perfect example of the distinction between how the structures around us are designed, used, and understood. In his drawings, paintings and sculptures he practices a balance between freedom and restriction, imagination and application.

Colorful Paper Crafts workshop
On the 16th, 24th and 31st of July, Nazif Lopulissa will center his tour and workshop around the art of playful sketching. Join him in creating your own colorful collages!


Koos Buster

Koos Buster (1991) is a self-proclaimed Ceramic Influencer – an artist who primarily works in ceramics. His works illustrate the search for a certain “doltish perfection”. They often represent things otherwise trivial, but in the world of Koos Buster they are celebrated. Whenever an idea pops up, he starts sketching. While those sketches are often only a first step into the process of creating ceramic objects, he likes to regard them as potential finished works in and by themselves. ‘The innocence and messiness of a quick sketch has elements I like to see in a final piece of work as well.”

Workshop Everything Ceramics
On the 23rd of July and on the 1st and 7th of August Koos Buster will lead his workshops in ceramics. Sign up and turn all your everyday objects into ceramics!


Roos van Haaften

The images that Roos van Haaften (1983) creates can change their shape at any moment. By projecting light and space around objects and figures thrilling cinematic scenes are created that feel ‘uncanny’, meaning they can never be interpreted unambiguously.

Roos works with paper clips, wood, flour, papers, glass plates and primarily light and shadow. Small, subtle and fragile works become great projected landscapes on the wall. Roos shows how the work is made, as if she says “nothing is what it seems”.

Workshop Animal Shadow Play

On the 8th and 14th of August Roos van Haaften will take you on a discovery through the land of light and shadow. Sign up and create your own magical shadow play!

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