Vibeke Mascini

Vibeke Mascini’s artistic research has evolved around pre-modern and futuristic notions of electricity as a speculative agent of life. In a constant dialogue with scientists and experts, she combines natural and industrial processes. Her multi-media works address a fundamental and profoundly intimate dynamic underlying materials and organisms through the binding force of their energy. For Unfair™ she will showcase The Swell, 2020. This performance installation integrates a sequence of ocean waves from the North Sea that was faithfully translated to take shape on the keys of a grand piano. For Dust Suns, 2020, the dust of taxidermied moths was collected and used within a self-developed electrostatic drawing method; under the cabin pressure inside a flying airplane.

Vibeke Mascini, Salvage, 2019

Vibeke Mascini, Salvage, 2019

Background Vibeke Mascini (1989) is an artist and tutor at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. Mascini studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, where she graduated. She is currently conducting a long-term research, partly as artist-in-residence at Delfina Foundation in London, UK. Her installations and published books can be found in collections around the world such as the MoMA Library and the Metropolitan Museum of Art Library, both in New York, the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, The Hague and the Getty Research Centre, Los Angeles.

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Akkoord met voorwaarden.

Vibeke Mascini
This Giant Time (2019)

Spermaceti, wick, clockwork with antenna

150 x 150 x 40 cm

Vibeke Mascini, This Giant Time, 2019 Vibeke Mascini, This Giant Time, 2019
Vibeke Mascini
Salvage (2019)

Electricity generated from burning whale remains, Tesla lithium ion batteries, pianola, audio transcript on pianola roll

Durance of a single performance: 7 min

180 x 170 x 200 cm

Vibeke Mascini, Salvage, 2019 Vibeke Mascini, Salvage, 2019
Vibeke Mascini
Candela (upcoming)

Ongoing process documentation collaboration with Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University Utrecht

Vibeke Mascini, Candela, 2019